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The Foundation

The Qualitouch-HC Foundation is a non-profit organisation concerned with patient-orientated quality assurance and quality management in the healthcare sector. The foundation launches and manages projects for the consistent measurement and improvement of the quality of medical treatment. It also supports and organises symposia and workshops for specialists as well as public events in the healthcare sector.

Since 1998 the foundation has developed methods and tools for quality assurance. For this purpose it uses case-specific questionnaires in order to document the course of the health and quality of life of the patient. This then enables healthcare institutions and manufacturers to document the effects of interventions and to plan them on the basis of evidence-based data, e.g. the post-acute phase of a specific medical treatment. Throughout the duration of the project the foundation supports clinics and healthcare personnel in the organisation and integration of quality management in daily clinical operations.

Our offer

QT Quality Management:                                                            Uncomplicated and individual

Solutions for clinics, healthcare centres as well as for small medical practices:
Patient administration and treatment monitoring for daily medical operations. The documentation of anonymised data and treatment results takes place online via the Qualitouch Database, which serves as a neutral and protected platform for collection and further processing.

QT Research Projects:

Simple online                                                      

For researchers and manufacturers:
Planning and implementation of internet-based quality assurance projects. The creation of illness-specific profiles and registration of co-morbidities allows significant results to be achieved. Purpose-orientated projects also allow patients to continuously document their pain and disabilities with internet-based questionnaires.

QT Patients:

Patient-orientated quality assurance

Quality assurance primarily applies to patients. Therefore, the Qualitouch method ensures the subjective evaluation of the treatment and offers patients a simple and effective measurement of results. Either as a registered patient (in cooperation with the treating doctor) in the Qualitouch Database or directly with the Surgery Outcome Calculator (OCC).

In cooperation with the Qualitouch Foundation any kind of validated or case-specific questionnaires may be used. E.g. SF 36, WOMAC, FIQ, Activity Index, NASS, DASH.

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Our team

Managing Director:      Jürg R. Kuster, MBA, Küsnacht
Project Advisor:          Prof. Dr. Robert Theiler, Zurich
Administration:           Jolanda Beaton-Artho
Advisory Board:          Advisory body composed of competent persons specifically assembled
                                 by the foundation for projects.


Our foundation board

Chairman:                 Dr. Josef Widler, MD, Zurich (Practice)
Vice-Chairman:         Dipl. ing. ETH lic. oec. Christoph Schmid, Birrwil (Management)
Member:                   Prof. Dr. Heike Bischoff-Ferrari, Zurich/Boston (Science and research)
Member:                   Dr. iur. Peter Theiler, Richterswil (Law)


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